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BBQ Rules
Paddy and Murphy
The insurance side of sex
The vatican
frogs and fireworks don't mix
The Deer Camp
Irish ultimatine
The Blonde Waitress
How To Start A Fight
The Postman
sad news
Best Comeback line...
Guts or Balls??
The second attempt
Israeli troops enter Jordan!!
Thank You For Your Emails over the Past Year
Wrong email address
Face lift
Mate match - True story
An Irishman applied for a job on a construction site
Irag - New SOPS
Traffic jam
Hitler hates Ronaldo
one for the bikers can you work this one out
How to get out of shopping
Revenge on clampers
The Fiture of Nursery Rhymes
The American & The Arabs
Gods nationality
rugby jokes
Living Will
Old, not stupid...
newest member of lbs
Funny name
Women's asses
Chineese meal
The Scouse Vesectomy...
Some Bad Christmas Cracker jokes
Has any1 seen......
Young olympic swimmer
Nothing for 2 weeks
Genisis: The Truth!!!
From the mouths of children , from long ago !
how many Guy's
Fast Forward Fifty Years
the man rules
French Condom Sales
Real Bonfire Boye Or Belle
What really happened...
poorly thought domain names
Problem with Friends Reunited
What Religion is Your Bra?
Fireworks n stuff
Motorcycle for sale
And you thought Northern Rock had it bad...
Technical Support
Bomb Disposal
Where is this shop?
Marrage counselling
How to make sure blokes wash their hands
Mechanic v Surgeon - wage war
rear shunt
A Aussie Love story
Slow down or Stop
Butcher help please
Only in Bosnia
Only in America
9 months later
any more ideas of what is being said
God V The Harley Davidson
The mystery of the mouse & arrow
is he mine???
Grandma's Party
two hillbillies
The Bath tub test
Irish Medical Dictonary
Two Cows
The difference between men & women
my first time (rude)
Flood Appeal
David Beckham decides to go horse riding.
A newlywed couple wanted to join a church
are you stupid
Jelly Babies
Out of office replies
A push
Some handy advice
No Ears
The Beer Drinkers Prayer
Junior School Children writing about the Sea
Superman Photography Game
Fun Qoutes
Jesus on You Tube
Typical Englishman!
MR Bear & Mr Rabbit
Olympic flag 2012
With everyone getting pregnant...
12 best ever double-entendres from British TV & Radio
For those of us that rely on spell checkers...
Only the Irish!
Wants a raise!!!
Kids in school think quick
Prank Call
Kids names.
The bacon tree (Appologies in advance)
New gang in the City
New kid at school
This morning on the motorway
A Bus stops and 2 Italian men get on.
Why its important to undersatand English
Fireworks Game
Spiders on Drugs
Three Italian nuns die and go to heaven.
Sleeping Beauty, Tom Thumb, and Quasimodo...
World's worst burgler?
Another Jade Joke
Spot the speed camera
Jade Goody
The Soldier, the Nun and the Military Police
The Rabbit
ain't it true
Lawyers should never ask
Caption Competition December
Chinese wdding night
Backside firework prank backfires
Caption Competition November.
Janet & John go to the fireworks
How not to light a bonfire
The Divorce Mk 2
The Divorce
Caption Competition.
The Purina Diet
The Birds and the bees for todays kids
The Rules!
Scotsman in Cuba
One Wish
Your name in Russian
Mary replied....
The bedroom Grand National
Marine Biologist
The Managers Ballon ride
Who's smarter?
News Stories
The Snake & Rabbit
Chinese Sick Leave
Gene Pitney
Council workers
Husband and Wife.
10 inches of Snow..
School Excuse Notes
Best Complaint Letter
The Rake
The Dentist....
Intresting Facts....
Never try to outsmart a clever woman
How popular is your name?
Actual Call centre conversations
Irish Jokes
Old man!
Take your time...
Life Before Computers
Who's in Charge???
Aussie Army
Better than a Breathlyser?
Beware of Old Ladies bearing Gifts
A Englishman.....
Bathtub Test
Driving in Spain
Tech Support
Husband Superstore
The Elderly Gentlemen
The Mother & Three Sons
The Perfect Husband!
Stupid Video's
Dangers of a Hot Bath
Parking Ticket
How to know whether or not you are ready to have kids
Men are from Mars and women are just plain weird....
Christmas cancelled in Washington DC
Festive Shoot Em' Up!
Tidy up your toys!
Christmas Cracker Jokes!
Whats really going on at the Saddam Trial.
Find your Pirate Name
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