:: Flared Trousers (in bright colours - mostly red)

Flared Trousers (in bright colours - mostly red)

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 3:21 pm    Post subject: Flared Trousers (in bright colours - mostly red)  Reply with quote

"Those of you who like to have "Adult Glow Sticks" for the Procession Season may have noticed there was a shortage last year? One reason for this is that I sold most of my stock to a firework company. Others may have sold them during the season, but most of these probably came from myself in the first place. I am aware of a small number that were independently sourced from a supplier in Oxford (a fellow member of the firework trade, with whom I am familiar).

The reason I sold my stock elsewhere, last year,  is that for two years running I had people fail to pay me for products they received (and have long since used/resold). One person still owes me 105 from three years ago (and also owes Eugene, who is kind enough to bring them down to Sussex for me, 75). Another person owes me 199 from two years ago.

I'm unlikely to ever see this money. In the second case, the person concerned was reselling my *stolen* stock for double (or perhaps treble) what they didn't pay me for!

I won't publicly name the two individuals involved (one has been prominent on this forum). I can understand that people often have cash-flow problems (I constantly do myself), but when people fail to even make contact to find a solution, I loose sympathy.

I've been involved with (and have been an active supporter of) Bonfire since 1998. I've taken an active part in many Processions. I initially began selling the AGS's to fund my visits to Sussex, but it has grown over the years. I don't do this for a living, just to make a little extra. I have to pay to collect, store and transport these - and I have consistently kept the price as low as possible.

I am not a charity, however - and I'm not willing to be ripped off again!

I will have plentiful stock this season (the unit price is going to have to increase to 1.25, as my costs increase all the time - and I've held the 1 price for over 8 years). I will now only supply them to:

1. People who pay *before* delivery (or in exceptional cases, on delivery - however, no money, no product!)
2. People I know and trust, who have never failed to pay (you know who you are)

I hope you all understand my reason for posting this message and that everyone who wants "Adult Glow Sticks" will obtain them a fair price and not line the pockets of thieves.

Order early to avoid disappointment!!

I would like to publicly thank Eugene for his help. He is a TRUE friend and great supporter of Bonfire!

Many thanks - and here's to a fun (and bright!) Bonfire season Smile


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